Changing Your Life

This is often something I think about. Especially on a Sunday morning. I wake up and I have free time on my hands. I think to myself – ” am I happy?”. In the past, the answer was always no. Now, it’s yes – I am very happy. I would like to enlarge my friends circle, for sure though! Working from home, it’s been hard to meet new people and old mates have sort of fallen away.

I will make more friends though, am sure. Definitely going to go to Meet Ups in Brighton – there are so many! Hopefully, we’ll get chatting about bracers 🙂 – With any luck!!

Weather Down The Pan

So – there goes the weekend! They said it would be lovely and hot and sunny – ermmmm. That was not the case! It was a bit sunny this morning but now, nooooo! No sun, just dark heavy clouds and it’s a tad chilly too! LOL.

Oh well. It’s important to use time wisely in summer (before it gets way too cold to do anything again!!) anyway so I ate a huge icecream regardless.

I cleaned up our driveway today by hiring a jet pressure washer thing for £20 from the shop down the road! Yaaaaay to that! Have a look at the quick pic I took with my phone below!



amazing sunshine
amazing sunshine

WOOOOOOOW. I hope you are all enjoying the stunning hot, hot, hot sun here in Brighton today!! I might even go to the beach later on! The whole week should be really fab so really looking forward to a beer in the garden!! And doing nothing at all in my pants – ahahha. Hopefully the neighbours will shut up and give us some peaceful time too.

I dug out all of my bracers from the loft yesterday too and I’m going to take images of them all over the weekend – hopefully. We’ll see as I may want to enjoy the sun instead, lol. While it lasts!

Making More Room

Yep, it really needed to be done!

Making more room for my bracer collection (and lots of other things that my bros have). Yes, I have a good few bracers…

And we’re definitely running out of space in this small three-bed house. My Dad helped us to get a fab, roomy loft conversion (see the link to see who he used to get it done – they were quite good) and now we can all store our stuff from home there.

We were sort of fighting over space now and again in the past few months and although we’re not girls so we don’t have tonnes of clothes and stuff, we’re all fan boys and have TONNES of comics and other crap that was lying around the house making it hard to move around! So now, I’m all sorted and have them in three awesome piles.

At some point, I’m going to bring them all out and I’m going to photograph each one from lots of different angles and upload the images to this blog. At some point. And may I say that again – at some point. Haha.

Privacy Stuff

Yep, I know that I should take a fee moments to squeeze one of these in so I’m going to say the following:

This is not a spammy, scam site trying to sell you some crap that you definitely don’t need like stuff from Amazon or whatever.

I’m a real, actual, human being living in Brighton, UK (by the sea, may I add!! and if you are from the US or another part of the world, have a look at that link I dropped on Brighton) and my name is definitely David (Dave or even just D for short). Read about me in my last post or more about me here.

Thanks for reading!! 😀

Learning to say hi

…Ant to show off more!!


Ok, the arm outstretched like that looks a lot more like a weird salute, so I’ll just say ‘hi’ instead.

So, as part of my busy yet slightly reclusive life, I have decided to create on online blog that should help me to throw out my feelings and thoughts a little better. I think it’s great if you have friends to talk to, but if you don’t then maybe it is better to have something like this instead. It’s better to have something to work with than nothing…

I love people really so hopefully this blog will get some exposure and I can make some new buddies. I also love bracers (see the most amazing leather one below!) and archery so I think it would be really great to get talking to some people about that, too.

If you’re reading this and you don’t know what bracers are, just have a look at this YT video